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  1. Sep 5, 2018. #1. Last spring I was shooting this nice old sporterized Swedish Mauser with a old Lyman peep sight and bead front sight at 675Y and hitting a 18 steel plate no problem. The barrel might be the original but cut to 18 and recontoured, I'm not sure what barrel it is. Last two times out it shot horrible, I couldn't hit a 1 foot.
  2. The M96 Swedish Mauser's safety withdraws the firing pin away from the primer when it is put in the vertical midway position so that a blow to the back of the cocking piece cannot fire a chambered cartridge, yet the safety can now be removed much faster. Centuries of dealing with wolves and bears in the thick Swedish forests had taught the Swedes the importance of getting a weapon in action.
  3. Swedish Mauser Model 96 Barrel, 29, Blued, 6.5X55 *NOS*. Be the first to review this product. $199.95. SKU. BBL-15456. Out of stock. Notify me when this product is in stock. Add to Compare. Swedish Mauser Model M96 Barrel, 29 length, blued, 6.5X55 in *New Old Stock* condition
  4. Barrel, 6.5 x 55 Swedish, 24, Sporter, Tapered, Small Ring, In The White. Product #: 726180A Shipment prohibited outside USA. Part Key: 15. $149.85. Out of Stock. Add to My Saved Parts. Eligible for FREE shipping * Extra shipping cost of $1.00. Barrel, 6.5 x 55mm, 29, w/ Sight Bases, Blued, Used - Very Good Condition . Product #: 874700 Shipment prohibited outside USA. Part Key: 15. $65.61.

Swedish Mauser M38 M96 Barrel Band Swivel $ 17.5. Buy It Now. Free Shipping. Location: Bellevue,MI,USA. Swedish Mauser 1896 Complete Rear Sight Base Assembly Crown serial 172 $ 45. Buy It Now. $0 Shipping. Location: Morris,PA,USA. Swedish Mauser M96 M94 M38 6.5 Butt Plate Buttplate 38 94 96 $ 35. Buy It Now . Free Shipping. Location: Bellevue,MI,USA. 1896 Swedish Mauser M96 6.5X55 Front Barrel. Swedish M96 model 1896 mauser barrel... $13.50 USD. Swedish M96 model 1896 mauser barrel... $13.50 USD. USA. Rare Original WW2 Swedish Air Force... $48.95 USD. Rare Original WW2 Swedish Air Force... $48.95 USD. USA. Original WW2 Swedish Army M39 Gas... $38.95 USD. Original WW2 Swedish Army M39 Gas... $38.95 USD . Estonia. Swedish Bayonet m/1896 w Scabbard. $95.00 USD. Swedish Bayonet m/1896 w.

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  1. Matching small ring Mauser barrels & ac The Swedish M96 mausers are easily one of the most carefully made military rifles ever. The Husky and Gustav rifles are about as perfect in craftsmanship (miltary) as anyone can get. Question of strength? This one's been kicked around for years. All things considered, they probably will stand up to anything reasonable, but conventional caution probably.
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  3. swedish mauser m96. just picked up a pristine m96 but have questions. the buttplate and rear sight have the crowns at an angle meaning they were made at husq. plant. all rest have straight crowns and gun has all matching serial numbers everywhere. its a c.gust. 1902. did they get certain parts from other factories? also the barrel has a number.
  4. M96 or M38 threaded barrel rifle.. plastic or metal thread protector.. BFA mounted for use (Click PIC to Enlarge) (Click PIC to Enlarge) Swedish 6.5 x 55mm m/14 wooden-bullet blanks for use with threaded muzzle BFA (blank firing attachment) and Swedish 6.5 x 55mm m/12 Kammarpatron (gallery cartridges) for indoor training use at 15 meters. Harmless beyond 200 meters. (Click PIC to.
  5. 6.5x55 swedish mauser 1896 or m96 24 inch barrel wrightsville, ga 31096: used: 9/8/2021: $580.00 : other model 6.5x55mm carl gustalfs m96 mauser bolt action 6.5x55 swedish 1920 dated c&r bernhardt 1417-7 #10 remlap, al 35133: used: 9/6/2021: $555.00 : other model carl gustav 1906 swedish m/96 6.5x55 bolt 5+1 nr no reserve penny usdm/96 prescott, az 86301: used: 8/30/2021: $520.00 : other.

Swedish M96 threaded barrel protector (cap?) Bolt action rifles, lever action, pump action, self loading rifles and other miscellaneous longarms. 9 posts • Page 1 of 1. Swedish M96 threaded barrel protector (cap?) by ThatNewGuy » Sun Jun 07, 2020 6:42 am Hey guys, I'm wondering if the Swedish M96(/38?) thread protectors are a must or should I be fine firing without one? All of my googling. The book I have shows the same twist for the M96 & M38 regardless of barrel length. Not to say that some weren't changed at some time but from the factory(s) it appears they were all 1:7.9. And if they are not shot out they ARE accurate, at least the M96's are that I have and shoot. Been talkin to some of the guys on the Swedish Mauser board at

Swedish Mauser M38 /M96 Rear Barrel Band w/Swivel, 6.5X55. $9.99 As low as $5.50. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Swedish Mauser M38, M94 & M96 Bolt Sleeve, 6.5X55, *Very Good*. $12.99. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Swedish Mauser M38, M94 & M96 Magazine Follower Swedish Mausers are a family of bolt-action rifles based on an improved variant of Mauser's earlier Model 1893, but using the 6.5×55mm cartridge, and incorporating unique design elements as requested by Sweden. These are the m/94 (Model 1894) carbine, m/96 (Model 1896) long rifle, m/38 (Model 1938) short rifle and m/41 (Model 1941) sniper rifle 6.5x55 swedish m96/38 mauser karl gustaf m96/93 29 inch barrel williamsburg, oh 45176: used: 9/19/2020: $415.00 : 6.5x55 swedish 1899 waffenfabrik m96 mauser 29 inch barrel kaneohe, hi 96744: used: 9/17/2020: $505.00 : 6.5x55mm 1896 wwi era carl gustafs mauser m96 matching-non import 6.5x55 $.01 start c&r o 29 inch barrel jamison, pa. Here is me trying to learn how to shoot a 101 year old rifle, sighted in a 300 yards, on a target at 100 yards. I missed a few Gunbroker is about your only choice for a Swedish M96 barrel and be ready to shell out some $$$ if you want a new one. They have become very rare and you can almost buy a new Lother Walther barrel for the price of a New Old Stock M96 barrel. Check out this barrel....it has a military contour and should be very accurate

This is by far the best surplus rifle that I have ever owned and shot. I got some pretty excellent grouping with this rifle, and it is a testimony to the ex.. SWEDISH M96 MODEL 1896 mauser barrel band & sling swivel middle band C249 - $16.29. FOR SALE! Swedish mauser m96 barrel band in good shape. Has a bit of 16429475220 Surplus Swedish Mausers For Sale TheRealEstate24.com. Surplus Therealestate24.com More results . $570. 1 hours ago 6.5x55 Long Guns For Sale ClassicFirearms.com. Long Classicfirearms.com More results . $570. 9 hours ago M96 Swedish Mauser 6.5x55 Bolt Action Rifle - Surplus - Various Surplus Conditions, See Brutus Description for Details. Price. $570. $1460. 570 - 1460 Finland was provided about 77,000 of the M96 Swedish rifles throughout this period, but most of them came near the end of the conflict. There were also about 8,000 Swedish volunteers that arrived armed with the Swedish Mauser M96s. Overview Name - 1896 Mauser, M96 or Swedish Mauser Weight - 9.2 pounds Length - 49″ Barrel Length - 29″ Ammunition - 6.5 x 55mm Manufactures - Carl. 6 hours ago 2 Image (s) HUSQVARNA, MODEL 1938, SWEDISH MAUSER, CAL 6.5X55. PRICE REDUCED FROM $825.00 TO $625.00 60,000 of these rifles were built by HUSQVARNA VAPENFABRIKS AKTIEBOLAGE between 1941 and 1944. This one is dated 1941. It has a 24.5 barrel w (read more) Gun #: 992988898. Seller: Eldred

Swedish Mauser Stock Sets - Good Condition with minor defects. $39.95. 625.00 60 $825.00 2 Image (s) HUSQVARNA, MODEL 1938, SWEDISH MAUSER, CAL 6.5X55. PRICE REDUCED FROM $825.00 TO $625.00 60,000 of these rifles were built by HUSQVARNA VAPENFABRIKS AKTIEBOLAGE between 1941 and 1944. This one is dated 1941. It has a 24.5 barrel w (read more) Gun #: 992988898. Seller: Eldred Swedish Mauser M96. Step one. Shortened barrel and stock. Picatinny scoutmount. Red dot optics. Swedish Mauser Scout. Posted on August 11, 2016 August 24, 2016 Posted in #m96, mauser, Swedish Mauser, Swedish Mauser Scout Leave a comment. Swedish Mauser. LER scope mounted, works perfect The item M96 Swedish mauser barrel. 6.5×55 new in the white is in sale since Monday, October 15, 2018. This item is in the category Collectibles\Militaria\1919-38\Original Period Items. The seller is warpathvracing and is located in Denver, Colorado. This item can be shipped to United States. admin October 16, 2018 65x55 / barrel / mauser / swedish / white / Turk Turkish. Get Vendio Gallery- Now FREE! | | Swedish Mauser M96 6.5x55 Rifle Front Barrel Band, stamped 254 with crown emblem. very good condition. no rust or pitting present. Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Payment, Payment: Paypal and direct payment accepted. Payment must be received within 1 week of.

Swedish. English. Torped. Bullet with boat tail (also means torpedo) Överslag Point of impact over line of sight (also means estimate) STR = Streck. Mills (1 Swedish mill = 1 meter at 1000 meters = 3,6 at 100 yds) The largest sector is stamped with the calibre of the barrel. The m/41 round had a much flatter trajectory than the older m/94. As most rifles were already manufactured with. Swedish M96 by Carl Gustafs 1919 Finnish SA Marked #481084 In 1939 the Finnish bought approximately 80,000 M96 rifles from the Swedish and were marked with the Finnish SA. Very good overall condition with excellent bore. Almost all matching numbers except the front two bands. No import marks. Please se

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Markings on Swedish mauser rifles. Text Mats Persson. How to read the markings on the Swedish m/94 Carbine and on the m/96 and m/38 Rifles. Manufacturing The name of the manufacturer and the year of manufacture are on the top of the receiver. The serial number is on the left side of the receiver. Most other parts have the last three figures of the serial number. (Except for carbines with four. M96/M38 Swedish Mauser Used Stock 35.00 M96/M38 Swedish Mauser Upper Handguard. EXC 12.00. 8MM Stripper Clips and Bandolier 10.00. 8MM Mauser Surplus Ammunition 100rds, 25.00. 6.5X55 Swedish Military Wood Blanks, 20rds 8.00 6.5X55 Swedish Military Surplus Ammunition 20rds, 12.00 . 6.5X55 Swedish Soft Point 20rds, 18.00 . PLEASE GO TO MY NEW UPDATED SITE. www.buymilsurp.com. Shopping Cart is. Sporterized M96 Swedish Mauser Barrel, Serial Number 396. Measures almost 22 inches total overall length. No front or rear sights. Exterior could use refinishing, and the inside could use a good cleaning. Some rust in the barrel, but the lands and grooves are still discernible. Sold as is, returns not except it. Thank you for stopping in There are no products listed under this category. ×. O M96 Swedish Mauser, 6.5x55 loads and Metalurgy. straightcut. 943. Registered User. straightcut. 943. Post Dec 12, 2008 #1 2008-12-12T18:46. I've got a M96 and a couple of the M96/38 carbines with receiver dates from 1899 to 1915. Due to the age of these rifles, should they be fed light loads only or due to superior grades of steel used and craftsmanship, are they still ok to shoot full power.

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Doug; I own a beautiful Carl Gustafs M96 made in 1923. I'd never noticed the marks on the wrist prior to your post. Mine has two crowns but no other markings. Can I assume the lack of CB or Ch marks means it was probably never rebarreled? Serial number is BF 5060xx. All parts match except for the barrel band. Stock disk is the common later type. Home » Blog » Uncategorized » replacement barrel for swedish mauser. replacement barrel for swedish mauser February 28, 2021 0 Uncategorized, 0 Uncategorized Make: Carl Gustafs, Sweden. Model: 1896 (M96) Serial Number: 291104. Year of Manufacture: 1911. Caliber: 6.5x55mm (6.5 Swedish) Action Type: Bolt Action, Internal Magazine. Markings: The import mark on the barrel reads C.A.I. ST. ALB. VT. / M96 6.5X55 SWEDEN. The top of the receiver is marked crown / C / CARL GUSTAFS STADS. Swedish Mauser, M96, 6.5×55, set up as a scout rifle. Rifle has 21 inch barrel, 2 Power Leupold forward mounted scope, Timney trigger, Claro stock, custom bolt handle. Extremely fast target acquisition. Due to scammers, spammers and politicians, you must Login to use the contact form. Members who want to sell to non-members know they must add. Firearm Used:M96 Swedish Mauser Barrel Length:29.5 Twist: 1 x 8.5 Case: Federal Trim-to Length: 2.155 Primer: Fed 210 Remarks: The 6.5x55mm was first adopted as a military cartridge over 100 years ago, and it is still an effective performer today. First introduced to the American shooting public in the form of inexpen- sive surplus military rifles, it has devel-oped an enviable reputation.

Swedish M96 and Swedish M38 Barrel Band Springs Front and Rear Set X95. Barrel band springs in good shape with crown stamp. Includes both front and rear springs.. Condition:: Used: An item that has been used previously. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. See the. The barrel extends out past the muzzle cap on my carbine, by about 1/2 inch. The originals stopped at the cap and did not extend further. Prior to 1968, the US federal firearms law specified a legal barrel length that the Swedish Mauser Carbine fell below. The importers were forced to attach an extender of about 1/2 inch to the barrel to make them legal in the US. These extenders were attached.

Swedish Service Ammunition (click here) Rifling & Twist:.. 4 Grooves, Right Hand Twist, 1 in 7.5 Barrel Length:.. 23.1 in (587mm) Overall Length:.. 44 in. (1118mm) without bayonet Weight:.. 8.5 lb (4.1Kg) Magazine Capacity:.. 5 round integral box Qty Mfg:.. 55,080 m38's converted from M96 Long Rifles between 1938 and 1940 Source:.. Crown Jewels - The Mauser in. Husqvarna m96 FSR Civilian Swedish Mauser Rifle 6.5x55mm Caliber S/N 699070XX Description: Husqvarna m96 Civilian FSR Mauser 6.5x55mm caliber; 29 match grade barrel; Marked HUSQVARNA VAPENFABRIKS, AKTIEBOLAG 1944 on receiver; Slick straight bolt action; Bore is shiny; All matching number

M96 Swedish Mauser Clips Chargers Lot Of 10 Unissued Surplus 1903 K31 7.7jap. M96 Swedish Mauser Clips Chargers Lot Of 10 Unissued Surplus 1903 K31 7.7jap. Buy Now! $22.00. Swedish Mauser M96 M38 M94 Front Sight Size 1.5 New Unissued +1.5. Swedish Mauser M96 M38 M94 Front Sight Size 1.5 New Unissued +1.5 . Buy Now! $19.99. Swedish Mauser M1896 Bayonet 6.5mm W/ Scabbard Pre Ww1 Eskilstuna. Manufacturer: Sweden. Model: M/41 and M/41B. Caliber: 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser. Barrel Length: 29.1 (739mm) Magazine: 5 round mag. Stock: Wood. Weight: 11.1 lbs (5.05kg) Overall Length: 49.6 (1260mm) When it comes to legendary military rifles that have a reputation of extremely well made quality, the Swedish Mauser of 1896 will be on the list Up for sale is a M96 6.5x55 Waffenfabrik Mauser Oberndorf Matching bolt/majority matching Swedish Mauser. The rifle is in very excellent condition, with very shiny internals and a crisp, clean bore Carl Gustafs ~ M96 ~ 6.5x55mm Swedish Description: Carl Gustafs M96 rifle in excellent condition. Features a threaded barrel and cleaning rod. Only minor handling marks. 6.5x55mm SOLD Curio/Relic: Yes Metal Condition: Excellent Wood Condition: Excellent Bore Condition: Clean Barrels: 29 Threaded Weight: 8lbs 11oz Item Location: Fort Worth, TX . See all listings by Cabelas Fort Worth Print. replacement barrel for swedish mauser. 1 marzo, 2021 Posted by Artista No Comments Twee

  They are the last ones available M96 Swedish Mauser 6.5x55 Bolt Action Rifle - Surplus - Very Rare find these days, This small group of rifles came from the Samco Liquidation stock and is the final group of M96's we expect to receive. Various Styles, Grades, and Configurations sold at different price points. Some may have minor cracked stocks due to age or may be missing stock. Swedish Mauser M96 may be the most commonly used and versatile optical device known to mankind. Ranging in size from palm-sized to giant, and used by everyone from opera fans to black-ops snipers, these optics are universally useful and infinitely flexible. Brownells is the top online destination for every Swedish Mauser M96 on the web, including Nikon Swedish Mauser M96 , Vortex Swedish.

The Swedish m/96 rifle, which civilians generally call the Swedish Mauser Model 1896 or just the Swedish Mauser, was introduced two years after the famous 6.5x55 cartridge and became its most enduring home. Both rifle and cartridge were tremendously successful. The Model 1896 rifle remained the primary Swedish service rifle until 1938, when the Model 38 was adopted, and the Model 38 was. Swedish bolts M-38/94/96 will fit only Swedish. Receiver stripped weight 13.0 Oz. Note stright side of receiver front to rear .Oval Gas release cut on left side of receiver 2) M1910, M1936 Mexicans by FN and Mexico, 1.30 diameter. receiver ring, 8.50 in length, with screw spacing of 7.620. Barrel Shank .98 Hoosier Gun Works, Dealing in Mauser parts, 100,000 gun parts, 1200 gun stocks, 4000 magazines, 150 barrels. Military and commercial Mauser parts Hello first question post and thanks for any information. I read all replies and always try to respond Swedish Mauser question I was wondering if a converted M96/38 1900 Obendorf with a 23.5barrel will fit into a regular M 96 stock. Would the difference just be length? It looks to be just an altered M96. Are all bbls stepped The Patch Worm barrel cleaning system. Tomcat Airguns / 440 Views / 06-07-2018. July 6th 2018 Guy, I was highly impressed with this cleaning system! From the amount of dirt it was able to remove, to it's compact size, to its cheap price. This one's a keeper! Thanks to ken at Southern Precision Air Weapons for the opportunity to test this out and show it to all of you guys! DISCLAIMER: This.

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Rifle Sweden Mauser Model M38, M63, M80 and/or M96, Trigger Complete No.14, 15 and 16 Used, Original Sweden. Rework is usually not necessary - professional installation recommended Diving into Machine for pigsguys and we are talking both swedish and english here so type in any of those please!Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/t.. Gun barrel blanks Contoured rifle barrel blanks Drop-in gun barrels AR10/AR15 gun barrels CZ 455/457 barrels Enfield No.4 Mk1 M1 Garand rifle barrels M1A rifle barrels Mauser 98 Military rifle barrels #726 Mauser 98K action #728 Mauser rifle model 98 #729 Carl Gustav model 96 #730 Wehrmann-contour #732 Orig. Mauser Argentino #734 Gewehr 8 The original M96 barrel and action were treated with what I would describe as a Parkerized finish and synthetic Ram-Line stock. The the rifle was topped with a 3x9 Bushnell Elite 3200 with its optics coated with a Rain Guard treatment, just what the doctor had ordered. Ed told me that this was the most accurate hunting rifles that he had ever owned and the rest is history. At the range. On November 3, 1893, the United Kingdom of Norway and Sweden adopted the 6.5x55 mm cartridge. As a result, the Swedes chambered their new service rifle--the Model 96 Mauser--in this round. The Swedish Mauser was manufactured relatively unchanged from 1896 to 1943, and M96 Rifle and M38 Carbine rifles, known by collectors as Swedish Mausers, are often sought after by military service rifle.

M96, and sporterizing it. ie, new stock, new barrel, new sights. I am not a gunsmith, but am very handy. Having absolutely no previous experience with Mausers or sporterizing, what am I getting myself into? What can I do myself (fit and finish the stock), and what will I need a smith to do (new barrel, headspace, blueing, etc.). Is the M96 Swedish a good starting point, or is there a better. Swedish Mauser M96 New Barrel 6.5x55 : Have for sale an original factory new replacement barrel for the m96 Swede in 6.5x55 caliber. Still in the grease paper wrap, barrel is 29 long, blued and factory proofed. Never fitted to a rifle. Will need some gun smithing to fit. Ideal to restore the legendary accuracy of your Swedish Mauser. Seller: Mauser96 Member Rating: 0. Member Since: Mar 2012.

Description. Mint & Matching. This Swedish Mauser has matching numbers on the bolt, barrel, receiver, floor plate, barrel bands & butt plate & is an original M96 manufactured by Carl Gustafs Stads Gevärsfaktori in 1911 as seen stamped on the receiver which was not arsenal converted as part of the trend toward shorter service rifles These thread on to the M96 and M38 Swedish Mausers with the threaded muzzle. $25.00: R1-88: Brush, Bore Swede 6.5 M38 & M96 Mauser . Original Bore Brush for the Sedish M1896 and M1936 Mauser. $3.00... more info: R1-78: Flash Hider Swede M-38 and M-96 Mausers. These will thread on the threaded barrel models of the M 1938 and M1896 Swedish Mausers. This will only work with the Swede mausers with.

Swedish M96 Mauser Long Rifle 6.5x55mm Caliber. This auction is for a Swedish M96 (Model 1896) Mauser Long Rifle 6.5x55mm caliber. Manufacturered by Waffenfabrik Mauser AG, Carl Gustafs Stads Gevärsfaktori, Husqvarna Vapenfabriks AB and were produced from 1895 to 1948. This rifle is really nice. The stock shows very well, great overall finish with some dings, dents, and small gouges. The. Swedish M94 M96 M38 Mauser Follower Spring. $5.00. Swedish M94 M96 M38 Mauser Follower . Swedish M94 M96 M38 Mauser Follower. $7.00. Husqvarna Barrel Parts Lot Mauser 98 96. Husqvarna Barrel Parts Lot Mauser 98 96. $75.00. Interested in our products or services? We're here to help! We want to know your needs exactly so that we can provide the perfect solution. Let us know what you want and.

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This M96 infantry rifle measures 49.1/4″ in overall length. The round blued barrel is approximately 29.1/4″ long with a stepped muzzle to accept a bayonet. The trigger pull is 13.3/4″ to centre. The main receiver ring is marked as follows; Swedish crown over CG logo / CARL GUSTAFS STADS / GEVARSFAKTORI. / 1919. The serial number is marked on the outside of the action wall. Description: Swedish M96 Oberndorf Germany Mauser 1899 6.5X55 w/ Diopter Sight This is a Swedish civilian private purchase rifle with a diopter sight. These rifles were purchased for competition shooting from the Swedish government. Excellent bore. No import marks. Please see pictures. I try to take as many pictures as possible so you know what. Seller's Description: LSB#: 160826KS03 Make: Carl Gustafs, Sweden Model: 1896 (M96) Serial Number: 5613 Year of Manufacture: 1899 Caliber: 6.5x55mm (6.5 Swedish) Action Type: Bolt Action, Internal Magazine Markings: The import mark on the barrel reads CAI ALB ST VT / M96 6.5X55 SWEDEN.The top of the receiver is marked crown / C / CARL GUSTAFS STADS / GEVARSFAKTORI. / 1899

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[ARCHIVED THREAD] - Swedish M96 With Faldt Diopter Sight. ARCHIVED; Posted: 7/20/2019 2:18:04 PM EDT I found this one today from a estate. It's a Sarco rifle. Everything matches but the wood. 1902 C.G. I guess it's a rebuild. Attached File Attached File Attached File Attached File. Posted: 7/20/2019 3:10:38 PM EDT Nice 96 My WW2 Husqvarna FSR M96 (M43) rifle has a Faldt too. Nice design. Got. BEAUTIFUL AND RELIABLE 1899 MODEL, M96 SPORTER CARL GUSTAVS ACRYLIC STOCK WAS CRACKED AND BARREL EXTERIOR WAS RUSTY. BEEN LOCKED AWAY FOR YEARS I REPAIRED STOCK (SEE CLOSE-UP PHOTO) STEEL PIN AND EPOXY. FITTED NEW BUTT PAD PREPARED BARREL FOR BLUING BARREL, BORE AND RIFLING IS GREAT. FIRED 20 ROUNDS IN JANUARY AT WERRIBEE ALL FUNCTIONS WERE PERFECT. NIKKO STIRLING 6X40 SCOPE IS INCLUDED If the M96's truly are numbers-matching: bolt, bolt stop, safety, rear sight leaf and slide, barrel bands, butt plate, magazine plate, and possibly the cleaning rod - I can't think offhand what else would be stamped - and the stock and bore are in good but not excellent condition, I'd say $300-325 each. Perhaps a bit more if it's an uncommon year (1914 or 1923, '24, 25 IIRC) or has a nicely. A very good and EXTREMELY accurate M96 Carl Gustaf rifle made in 1914. Excellent bore and would make a perfect military shooter or collectable. Matching numbers throughout. Selling only as Im now shooting .223 only

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Mauser. Mauser produced quality firearms in Germany for nearly two hundred years. They began producing their signature Mauser rifles, but are most famous amongst collectors for the pistols they produced from the turn of the 19th century through WWII. These pistols, along with the Luger models, would make up the bulk of the sidearms used by the. Buy Swedish M96 6.5 x55 Swedish 1923 Import Used: GunBroker is the largest seller of Bolt Action Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All: 90611801 Gun is in very good condition. 26 inch barrel. 6.5 x 55 Swede. 3 x 9 scope. 1903 Springfield mauser + 4 more. swift current · $350 to $650 . 1903 springfield mauser 30-06 $450 SOLD 1899 mauser fabrika de amamas oviedo F14xx $350 1943 m38 husquavarna short rifle not . Oberndorf Swedish Mauser model 1896. Lacombe · $850 shipped. Swedish M96 made by Mauser in Oberndorf Germany. This was made in. We have a used Carl Gustafs Swedish M96 Mauser bolt action rifle for sale. This is chambered in 6.5x55mm Swede with a 29 threaded barrel. It comes as shown in pictures battle belt, suspenders, and bayonet. This is in Good surplus Condition with an import mark on the barrel. Check out the pictures and feel free to call or email with any questions

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This Swedish Mauser has matching numbers on the bolt, barrel, receiver, floor plate, barrel bands & butt plate & is an original M96 manufactured by Carl Gustafs Stads Gevärsfaktori in 1911 as seen stamped on the receiver which was not arsenal converted as part of the trend toward shorter service rifles The 0.92 inch group was shot from one of the m/96-38 rifles with the shorter barrel. Match Shooting in Sweden. In the 1920s, the Carl Gustafs Stad Faktori rebuilt some 500 m/96 rifles as the Fm/23 which had a heavier barrel and a sporter stock for issue to military officers for match shooting. This was the first attempt to turn the m/96 into a target rifle. For many years, one of the most. Used Carl Gustafs Stads M96, Bolt Action 6.5x55, 1925 Swedish Mauser 29 Barrel Full Military Wood, Matching Numbers, With Bayonet(non match), Very Good Conditio Barrel, bolt and action modifications and tuning! How to perform trigger jobs and replacement performance triggers ; Iron sights, optics, after market items and zeroing! How to choose the right ammunition or hand load for this classic rifle! Specialised shooting techniques suited to this classic rifle! Trouble shooting for your Swedish Mauser! Special gunsmith techniques and tips to squeeze.

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Assuming the overall cartridge length is <= 3.15 inch, is there any reason that Swedish M96 rifles could not be fitted with a new barrel for this cartridge? I have been told that the difference in head diameter is not an issue. Thanks in advance for any replies. Got it covered with the 22 LR, 30-06, and 12 gauge. The rest are just for fun. NRA Life Member BP-B2 Re: 9.5x57 on a Swedish M96 [Re. Barrel for Swedish Mauser M38 Short rifle (6.5x55mm caliber) Original Swedish military replacement part, new in the white, perfect condition, still in the factory applied cosmoline! Although the barrel is old, it was properly protected in storage so it is guaranteed to have absolutely no corrosion damage anwhere. This is a superior quality barrel - see picture for performance of one of these.

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Swedish M96 in 6.5x55 Swede with side mounts and rings. Leave a message or shoot me a text. Valid PAL a must. Shipping on buyer. 1912 Carl Gustaf M96 Swedish Mauser 6.5x55. Winnipeg · 775. Selling/trading a 1912 Carl Gustaf M96 Swedish Mauser in 6.5x55. Overall it's in nice shape. M96 Swedish 6.5x55 Mauser All matching. Springwater · 1075. This is an all matching manufactured in 1900 Swedish. Im thinking it is an M96/M38 con version as M38 s only made by Husqvarna. the date on the action that came out of this is 1900. The barrel also had the conversion style sights. The bolt handle is bent which is the only seeming anomaly to being a M96/M38. Bought this many years ago. someone had drilled the receiver for see thru mount and I found that the barrel was bad (3 groups at 100yds one.

2) barrels were marked L 205, 3) the standard Mauser 1893 upper band was substituted for the Swedish upper band to permit the use of a conventional Mauser bayonet. All parts including the barrel were stamped with the Swedish Crown inspection stamp. To place an order for this book, CLICK HERE Seller Description. The Carl Gustaf M96 is a Swedish Mauser originally designed in 1896. It was very closely based off the 1893 German Mausers but chambered in the 6.5X55 (6.5 Swede) cartridge Before loading or firing the M96, inspect the bore of the barrel for any obstructions such as dirt, cleaning patches, lodged bullets, grease, moisture, etc. Also make sure the barrel and other components have been properly attached to the rifle. See SECTION XII for assembly instructions. If you have any questions consult a competent gunsmith familiar with the M96 or call our service department.

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Barrel: 29″ Bore Condition: Excellent. This is a Carl Gustafs Stads Swedish Mauser M96 bolt action rifle in 6.5x55mm. Serial number- 103161. This rifle looks to have been made in 1908 and is in great condition for its age. All serial numbers are matching. Swedish Mausers are a family of bolt-action rifles based on an improved variant of Mauser's earlier Model 1893, but using the 6.5×55mm. Oct 2, 2009 - The barrel has the inscription 'KBI INC HBG PA CAL 6.55 SWEDEN. What serial numbers/serial number suffixes match on the - receiver, bolt. It looks like a standard M96/38B which is a M96 Converted to M38 by the Carl. M96 Swedish Mauser Serial Numbers. Gevär m/96 (Model 1896 Rifle) 6,5 mm Gevär m/1896. Pattern, approved 20 March 1896. Type: Bolt-actionrifle: Place of origin. SOLD: Swedish Mauser M96 Sporter $ 279.00 $ 239.00 Out of stock. SKU: 2619 Category: Used Firearms Tags: canada, firearms, guns, hunting, m38, m96, mauser, military.

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