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  1. Five Nights at Freddy's 5: Circus Baby's Tale by Scott Cawthon - Karaoke Lyrics on Smule. | Smule Social Singing Karaoke ap
  2. Just the voice lines of the Aftons and their animatronics they turned into. Published February 22, 2020. 3 pages · 23,739 reads. Fanfiction Fnaf Mrs Afton Ballora William Afton Report. Mrs Afton (Ballora) William Afton (Springtrap) Michael Afton (Foxy) Elizabeth Afton (Circus Baby) Chris Afton/Crying Child (Fredbear) T T Info. Fnaf Afton Family's Voice Lines. Britney. Elizabeth Afton.
  3. Voice Lines. I can hear you breathing, but not for long. There is something bad inside of me. Would you like me to make ice cream for you? If you keep your eyes closed, nothing bad will happen to you. I promise. Now we can be together. Hold Still. You won't feel a thing
  4. Here's all circus baby's voices and lines throughout Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister LocationFive Nights At Freddy's Sister Location Characters Voice Actors.
  5. Elizabeth Afton (Circus Baby) T T Info. Fnaf Afton Family's Voice Lines. Britney. Chris Afton/Crying Child (Fredbear) Chris Afton/Crying Child: Mum, dad? Can anyone hear me? What is this place? Where am I? Father, are you still there? I-I'm so sorry I didn't mean to be so scared back then . I didn't mean to embarrass you in front of your friends. But why did you do this to me? I wanted.
  6. Circus Baby's&Scrap Baby's Voice Lines [FNaF UCN] - YouTube Forever. Y'know, it'sit's not easy for a hippopotamus to fit up there. These are strange circumstances, that have brought us together. Arr, so much more spacious in here, I may just stay a while. Have you been in the jaws of a beast, friend?. I was on the left, he was on the..oh wait, was I on the right? I used to be.
  7. Want to see the scooping room?Check the game out: https://store.steampowered.com/app/871720/Ultimate_Custom_Night/All voicelines of all characters: https..

Shhh, come spend eternity inside with me. Shhh, I've been looking for you. Shhh, I'm so glad that I found you, let me make room for you. Shhh, It will all be over soon. DeeDee: Uh oh, how. All Baby/Ballora Quotes/Voice Line by Sister Location Five Nights At Freddy's - Karaoke Lyrics on Smule. | Smule Social Singing Karaoke app . Home Explore Songbook Top Artists Groups Apps Get VIP. About Blog Careers Press. Guidelines Help. Explore Songbook. Upload. Get VIP Login. See who's singing All Baby/Ballora Quotes/Voice Line Video Player is loading. Play Video. Play. Mute. Current.

Circus Baby stands at 7.2 ft. tall, shown in her blueprint, making her the second tallest animatronic in Sister Location, next to Ennard. It also shows on her blueprint that she weighs 585 lbs. (Which's 218 cm tall, and weights 256 kg) Buffering. ElizabethAfton. All voice lines from Ballora and Circus Baby. 1 year ago. 1 year ago. Voice Lines. 15. Tracks. 9:28 How to Format Lyrics: [Computer Voice] Motion Trigger, Circus Gallery Vent Enters the 'Circus Gallery Control Module' [HandUnit] On the other side of the glass is 'Circus Baby's Auditorium. Circus Baby, or Baby, is one of the animatronics in Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rentals, and the main antagonist of Sister Location.. Story Minigame. William Afton created Circus Baby to be the titular mascot of Circus Baby's Pizza World. However, unknown even to Baby, she was programmed to count children, and when there was only one, she would deposit Ice Cream to lure the child up to her.

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Elizabeth Afton (Circus Baby) Chris Afton/Crying Child (Fredbear) T T Info. Fnaf Afton Family's Voice Lines. Britney. Michael Afton (Foxy) Micheal Afton: Father, it's me Michael. I did it, I FOUND it. It was right where you said it would be. They were all there, they didn't recognize me at first. Then, they thought I was YOU . Heh, and I found her, I put her back together, just like you asked. Circus Baby has a very light voice and apparently does performances, as stated in FNAF World. Role in Sister Location == Circus Baby is hardly seen in the game, except for on posters and on the final night, in which she sends the player to the Scooping Room]]. However, she does speak to the Player for a large portion of the game, serving both as a guide and a storyteller of the incident. I made for Circus Baby, it has 1 voice line that i put in the end by myself. My Instagram is ETStudiosOf ----- FAZBEAR AND FRIENDS MERCH https://enchantedmob.creator-spring.com/-----I can't believe they came out with Circus Baby merch! (buy it).Rendere..

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  1. Were you looking for his Keypad or Preferences? Handyman's Robotics and Unit Repair System Model 5, or just HandUnit for short, is an AI voice guide which acts as a tutorial for the player throughout the game, similar to Phone Guy (excluding Night 4, and the custom night). HandUnit appears as a yellow tablet on the Elevator with cartoon eyes, a handle on the bottom, a plastic vent on the left.
  2. Circus Baby's Communication Card that is found in her arm in Night 5. Since Ennard is actually talking to the player in this night, it might be her power module. Circus Baby and her Bidybab's Poster as seen in the Elevator, saying Celebrate! referencing the FNaF 1 & 2 Celebrate! poster in the office
  3. Night 2 is the second night in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. The player starts in the Elevator. You are told by HandUnit to enter the voice you would like HandUnit to have, as to not get tired of hearing the same voice. No matter what you type, HandUnit will always autocorrect it to Angsty Teen. The Angsty Teen then tells you to crawl through the vent, and while you crawl through.
  4. Even though Circus Baby instructs the player on how to avoid and speaks to Ballora, (Ballora's voice actor) said her favorite lines from Ballora isn't out yet and sounds so scary. YouTube - SacAnime's Five Nights at Freddy's Q&A Panel (January 8, 2017) (at 19:45) As Michella Moss stated her favorite Ballora's lines isn't out yet could possibly hint that Ballora would appear in.
  5. g kicked in and a claw within.
  6. Ennard is an endoskeleton, containing most of the animatronics from Sister Location within him after Night 5. Due to including Circus Baby, Ennard was mostly controlled by Baby/Elizabeth Afton. All of the main animatronics in the Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rentals facility were all scooped, attaching themselves to Ennard, with Baby as the primary controller. Speaking through Ennard, she.

¨You will not be spared. You will not be saved.¨ ¨The shadow fears me.¨ ¨I am your weakness, made of flesh.¨ ¨I am here to claim... what is left of you.¨ ¨I will put you back... to relive your horror. The first voice line, I believe, relates to the sentence in Trailer 1: and secrets don't keep. It seems like Baby's sharing a secret and is asking for confirmation that they won't tell anyone. Perhaps it's the child's soul, or Circus Baby herself. I am ready for the show to be over. of course references Baby's line, The show will begin momentarily. Please stay in your seats. However. Afton Family Lyrics: I was lost and was afraid / I believed all of their lies / I believed that I was safe / And that I would never die / Now I'm all alone / I've been hiding in the dark / I just wan HER VOICE IS TOO CUTE TO DIE BUT I COSPLAY AS HER IN A GAME WILLIAM made circus baby to trap other children but eli did not even listen to her dad william it took me too long to do the voice lines in a game. 2021-08-11T12:38:12Z Comment by Mahmoud M. she sound like a 5 year old. 2021-08-10T12:48:06Z Comment by Mahmoud my fav line. 2021-08-25T13:29:00Z Comment by Michelle Afton (read meh bio) Lolbit is FUNNY but kinda cringe. 2021-07-22T03:28:15Z Comment by Circus baby >:) I love this one. 2021-07-19T15:00:19Z Comment by ( Julia Afton ). Foxy after lolbit saves him from the puppet : lolbit = god ( slypie video) 2021-07-05T22:43:02

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